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Magic the Gathering News

We got restocked on Scars of Mirrodin, Magic 2011, and Rise of the Eldrazi. We also got more of the MTG playmats and storages products.

And yes, we are still holding out Friday Night Magic at the normal 6:00pm with the $6 entry and it's still Standard format.

We're still hosting a standard tournament on Sunday as well. It's got a $10 entry fee and starts at 1:30pm.

We got some more deck boxes in this week. Most importantly, we got osme of the larger ones that can hold a full scale EDH deck. Get them while they're hot!

Along with that, we got retoscked on all the mana symbol deck boxes and sleeves.

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RPG News

We got restocked on some RPG supplies. The most important were dice towers and dice cups. These have been popular items recently.

If you're looking to hop into a game, we've got people looking to start a Warhammer 40K RPG game and we've got a D&D 4E game for our Encounters (Wednesday night at 5:30pm - FREE) that is looking for players.

Don't forget about the crazy White Wolf sale on Friday - 75% off!

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Miniatures News

We're still having our Privateer Press crowd in on Friday. Feel free to bring your minis and play til we close. People will have the day off and will be looking to game.

We got a small restock on the Modelling drills and drill bits.

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CCG News

In case you missed it, we did get some Startstrike Blast (Yu-Gi-Oh) product in and we're selling it really well!

This weekend's YGO tournament is still happening at 2:00pm with the $5 entry fee as per the usual slate of events.

There was a LARGE restock of sleeves and deck boxes this week.

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Family/Board/Video Games/DVDs News

We got a few more game systems in and sold them pretty quickly. We're working on getting a few more vintage Nintendos, so keep an eye out.

We did get another small run of DVDs in, so be sure to check the collection out if you haven't given it a look recently.

And finally, we got a restock on Killer Bunnies and a couple of the booster expansions for it.

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